Times are tough for many carriers at the moment.

  •  The competition for loads is fierce.

  • Costs are high.

  • Everyone seems to want a piece of your profit.

The goal for any businesses is to increase revenue and cut costs.


Every carrier we speak to is looking for ways to make their dollars stretch further.

Factoring your freight can help you:


1. We have an excellent fuel card program that helps carriers save.

2. Our factoring rate can be cheaper than quick pay rates.

3. For carriers who use fuel advances, we have only a $5 fee. Most other companies you're looking anywhere from $25 - $50.

4. You don't have to hire someone or lose your own precious time to chase payments. Time is money. 

5.  We provide free credit checks ensuring that you work with dependable, credit-worthy brokers.


1. If you have more choice in brokers because you don't have to only work with quick-pay brokers you can quickly increase your revenue.

For Example 

Quick Pay for 2% will give you $980 on a $1000 load.

That's all right if they have a lot of well-paying loads to choose from, but they don't always do.

The brokers who don't offer quick pay tend to pay better. For example, if you choose a load that pays $1050 then factoring at 4% will give you $1008 in your pocket—that's $28 more! 

Most brokers don't have quick-pay so let Pay4Freight be your "quick pay" service.

2. Ultimately, the goal for carriers is to work for shippers directly since brokers can take up to 25% - 50% off the top of the load. However, shippers typically take 30 days or more to pay. So work for shippers, factor your loads and get all of the benefits of fast cash with none of the downsides of working for brokers.

3. In the event that your truck needs maintenance or repairs, you'll have less down-time when you have the cash-in-hand to fix down trucks.


1. Factoring invoices whether daily or weekly will give you steady, predictable cash flow.

2. Our carriers typically are paid within 24 hours of receiving a complete invoice.

3. We also allow carriers to manage financial obligations to fuel, drivers, and maintenance and even unexpected expenses like repairs.



  1. Factoring gives you greater flexibility to choose freight based on how well it pays instead of when it pays.

  2. Factoring can be cheaper & faster than quick pays.

  3. Factoring saves you time in billing and making collection calls, freeing you up to spend more time find your next load.

  4. Our program also offers you a fuel card with major discounts that will help cut costs. ($0.10 - $1.50 off cash price per gallon).


With Pay4Freight  there is no monthly minimum required, meaning you can factor what you want when you want, again offering you flexibility.


We also offer month-to-month agreements, so you never have to worry that you'll be locked in.

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