You know that in this world, it's all about relationships—

  • Your relationship with your shippers and your relationship with your carriers. 

  • You truly are the problem solvers of the industry.

As you know, the goal for any business is to increase revenue and cut costs.

The large brokers already know that the more perks and services you can offer, the more you can be a one-stop problem-solver for your trucking partners. 

That is what creates trusting relationships over time.


As freight factors, we have helped carriers get the cash they need to keep their wheels rolling since 2008.


We know that to succeed carriers need you to get the good loads and they need us to get the cash flowing.

Now, we have come up with a simple and easy way that you can add factoring as a service to your carriers.

It's a win-win situation for all parties.


You win, the carriers win, and we win.

There truly are no down-sides.

How it works

1. Contact Robert.

2. Discuss the deal.

3. Add the link to us on your website.

4. In a transparent process, we track link clicks, share that information with you and you  get a percentage of every carrier who signs up for factoring with us.

What you get

  • You are increasing your revenue by having us help you with added carrier capacity.

  • You are compensated for every carrier you send our way.

  • You'll be offering a more comprehensive service — insurance, dispatching, fuel cards & freight factoring. 

  • We provide you with a company-sponsored landing page for your website.

Find Out More

1. Are you happy with the channels you are getting loads from now? (yes, no)

2. Are you happy with the rates you are getting? (yes, no)

3. If you answered no for question 1 and 2, would you be interested in Pay4Freight passing on your information on to credit worthy brokers?

If interested, please answer the following:

4. Please tell us about your equipment? Do you have a tractor (yes or no) and trailer (yes or no) 

5. Tell us about your trailer type(s). (boxes) Flat bed, dry van, refrigerated unit.

6. Any other comments or questions. 

7. Can we call you? (yes/no)

If yes, please leave name, number and best time to call.

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